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Mohit Shukla
Mohit Shukla
Mohit Shukla
Mar 16

Hello Nidhi. Based upon the answer you have written, I wish to make following observations:-

  1. Introduction part of your answer is perfect. You have beautifully explained the theme asked in the question. You can also use the phrase "FR and DPSP are two sides of the same coin", both compliment each other in attaining the goal of social and economic welfare of the masses and one cannot be seen individually without giving importance to the other. (P.S. Your introduction part in all the answers has been really good)

  2. Body part of your answer is little out of context. You have not explained how FR and DPSP compliment each other and you have also missed the facts part. Like FR on individual growth, development, justice and DPSP broadly focuses on attaining societal welfare. e.g. Minimum wages, equal pay for equal work , UCC compliments individual freedom, right to life, right to equality and so on. You could have explained the points as described above and quote the SC judgements as a fact to substantiate your answer.

  3. Conclusion part is very good.

Overall it is a good attempt, answer is legible, well presented with proper gap between the points. You have used underline tool really well since you have underlined important points only which would leave a good impression on the examiner.

Focus on the points i have mentioned above and keep writing the answers.

Do well. Best wishes!



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