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Answer by anonymous aspirant.

Mohit Shukla
Mohit Shukla
Mar 20

Hello.. Based upon the answer you have written, I wish to make following observations:-

  1. Introduction part of your answer is really good. You have clearly defined the topic asked in the question with focus on Energy Atmanirbharta.

  2. Body of the answer is really good with focus on 4A’s along with examples against each aspect. However, you have missed diversification of energy resources, international cooperation to meet energy needs, knowledge and technology exchange, collaboration in energy exploration, spending on R&D etc..

  3. Conclusion part is very good.

You write good answers and always aptly describe the theme asked in the question. Your answer writing skills are really good and needs little improvement to fetch good marks.

Focus on the points i have mentioned above and keep writing the answers.

Do well. Best wishes!



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