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Hello guys, let us start answer writing module simultaneously. I will be sharing questions asked in previous year papers. The answer posted by the aspirants will be reviewed by me. You are required to attempt the questions and upload the same in this section.

Over the years, HPPSC has changed the trend of questions in Sociology Optional from static to dynamic questions (HPAS-2023 being the recent example)

My review would be based upon:-

  1. Structure of the answer

  2. Quality Content

  3. Use of Sociological Terminology

  4. Legibility

  5. Flow of the answer

  6. Relating answers with contemporary issues.

Question 3. Critically evaluate the dilemma of objectivity and subjectivity in social sciences? (HPAS 2018, Sociology Paper-1)

Nidhi Sharma


A separate group for answer writing has been created. Questi...
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