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Mohit Shukla
Mohit Shukla
Mohit Shukla
Mar 12

Hello Nidhi. Based upon the answer you have written, I wish to make following observations:-

  1. Introduction part of your answer is really good. You have defined the topic asked in the question perfectly (P.S. Your introduction part in all the answers has been really good)

  2. Body part of your answer is decent. You have mentioned both positive and negative changes which is a good practice. Try to add facts where ever possible. Moreover, while trying to attempt sociology answers do try to include sociological angle as far and as much as possible. Cultural aspect of globalization is missing. Further changes in social institutions both structural and functional is missing. Try to include charts in your answer to make your answer look more attractive and fetch an extra mark.

  3. Conclusion part is decent. Try to work more on this part of your answers

Overall it is a good attempt, answer is legible, well presented with proper gap between the points. You have used underline tool really well since you have underlined important points only which would leave a good impression on the examiner.

Focus on the points i have mentioned above and keep writing the answers.

Do well. Best wishes!



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