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Mohit Shukla
Mohit Shukla
Mohit Shukla
Mar 01

Hello Nidhi. Based upon the answer you have written, I wish to make following observations:

  1. First of all i would like to add that there is a decent improvement in your answer writing skill, which is a good sign. Keep practicing.

  2. Introduction part is good. You have tried to explain the theme asked in the question along with a fact which is a good practice. Keep following it. This could fetch you more marks than your counterparts.

  3. In body part of the answer you have explained impact of unplanned growth on environment which is apt. Impact of unplanned development on ecology has been missed. Further, you have missed one important aspect in your answer i.e. reason for unplanned and unbalanced development. for e.g. to meet the need of growing population, unscientific planning and development, human greed, unsustainable development, development not in harmony with nature and so on. Always try to introduce cause of issue before jumping on to effects in such type of questions.

  4. Since initiatives taken by govt. to overcome the challenges has not been asked in the question, it was not required. However, if required you could have covered it in one small paragraph to include diversity in the question.

  5. Conclusion is missing in your answer. Always conclude the theme asked in the question to fetch more marks. for e.g. "impact of unplanned growth and development has led to environmental and ecological degradation whose effects can be seen in terms of rising temperature, climate change etc. There is a need of hour to ensure that development is in harmony with nature and sustainable. Steps are being taken to address the same, however, more needs to be done in this direction. Mobilization of stakeholders and policy initiatives is necessary to achieve the goal of sustainable development"

Overall it is a good attempt, answer is legible, well presented with proper gap between the points. Moreover, use of blue and black pen in the answer is good practice.

Focus on the points i have mentioned above and keep writing the answers.

Do well. Best wishes!



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