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Syllabus for Sociology Optional for HPAS (PAPER-1)



Sociology – Meaning, nature and scope, emergence of sociology, its relationship with other social sciences, importance of sociology.

Study of Social Phenomena – Social research, the scientific method, objectivity and subjectivity in social sciences.

Basic Concepts – Association, institution, community, social groups, culture.Social Structure – Status, role, norms and values.

The Individual and Society - Individual and society, socialization; culture and personality; leadership, social control.

Institutions – Family, marriage and kinship-forms, functions and their changing dimension, education, religion, power and authority.

Social Stratification – Meaning, forms and functions; caste, class and their changing dimensions; future of caste.

Types of Societies – Rural, urban and tribal communities-distinctive characteristic, rural-urban continuum, problems of tribal people, tribal development.

The Pioneers in Sociology – Augste Comte- positivism; Karl Marx- materialist conception of history and class struggle; Max Weber- authority and power, the Protestant ethic and spirit of capitalism ; and Durkheim- social solidarity, division of labour and its pathological forms.

Social Change – Meaning, factors and theories of social change; processes of social change – sanskritization, westernization, and modernization; globalization and socio-economic change; trends of change in Indian society.

Science, Technology and Society – Social responsibility of science and technology; human critique of science and technology, environmental issues- pollution of air, water and soil; energy crisis; social impact assessment, environmental awareness, people’s action.

Population and Society - Interface between population and social development, population problems, population policy, population controls

Syllabus Paper 1
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