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Syllabus for Sociology Optional for HPAS (PAPER -2)



Indian Society – Traditional bases - Varnashrama and dharma; unity and diversity; cultural pluralism and Unitarianism.

The Structure and Composition of Indian Society – villages, towns and cities; rural-urban linkages; tribes- problems, constitutional safeguards and development; weaker sections- dalits, women and minorities, population profile and related issues.

Basic Institutions – Family- forms and changing dimensions; marriage- forms, functions and changing dimensions; kinship- types and regional variations.

Indian Caste System – Origin of caste, its socio-economic and cultural dimensions, issues of equality and social justice; scheduled castes and backward classes -problems, safeguards and welfare.

Rural Class Structure – Classes in India, agrarian classes, peasant movements, land reforms, commercialization of agriculture and change in land use pattern, emerging agrarian unrest, leadership and its changing dimensions.

Social Change – Impact of reform movements, social movements and factors of planned change-Five Year Plans, legislative and executive measures; impact of liberalization, privatization and globalization; trends of change.

Power Structure – Working of the democratic political system in a traditional society; sociocultural basis of political parties; panchayati raj and urban local self-government.

Issues and Problems – Poverty, inequalities of caste and gender; dowry, domestic violence, intergenerational conflict, problems of elderly; regional disparities; ecological degradation and environmental pollution; white collar crime, corruption, drug addiction, suicide.

Syllabus Paper 2
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