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why to choose Sociology Optional for Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services.

Sociology is an interesting subject as an optional to fetch good marks in Mains Examination and also to get an understanding about the society, its evolution, various components of society, social institutions, importance of sociology as a discipline and further understanding Social problems from sociological point of view. Since past few years there are many selections from Sociology optional and with good understanding of the subject you can easily score more than 125 marks in Optional, which could further improve your overall score and can get you in the merit list.

Sociology optional can also help aspirants in General Studies(GS) preparation and fetching good score in GS, since many topics related to society, social problems (poverty, hunger, population problems, drug abuse, corruption etc.) its various institutions like marriage, family and kinship both at national level and Himachal Pradesh level are being asked in GS papers and these topics can be easily covered with better understanding with sociology optional.. Every year around 10-12 questions in General Studies papers are related to Society and its various aspects and moreover 1-2 themes in Essay paper are also related to society and its various aspects which can be easily tackled if one chooses Sociology as an optional subject.

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